January 6, 2011

Quondam by Studio Six Eleven...WE ARE OPEN!!

Well just in time for the New Year Quondam boutique shop is now open for business! We are located in The Franklin Shops at 2200 First Street in Downtown River Districrt. We have been open for just one week and the foot traffic has been incredible. We love the vibe of downtown and could not be happier with our new home. Allison from The Franklin Shops is amazing and has worked so hard to bring her creation to life, HIGH FIVE to her and the gang! Our fellow shops mates are all so uber cool and we love sharing the space with them. Compass Interiors has gorgeous home decor with a coastal flair, Leather Conncection has the softest and most light weight leather goods. They even have accessories made from recycled leather, how eco-chic is that? There are some amazing unique jewlery shops as well. I can't wait to meet everyone and as soon as I do I will update the blog with some of their goodies! The store windows are available to rent out and there is even a special location for a Pop-up shop. The Fort Myers Film Fest has set up a cool display in the window next to us, they make great neighbors and our other neighbor is artist Leoma Lovegrove.We can't wait to see her gallery completed. She had the most amazing and delightful artwork. We are simply surrounded by lots of culture, color,  and community.This is definitley a unique shopping experience much needed in southwest florida and the downtown Fort Myers  river district. Please come down to the shops and support your local businesses.
Artwalk has been such a successful monthly event in the district. It is being held the first friday of every month and the shops will be open until 10pm during this event and others coming soon!

Hope to see you tomorrow in the meantime here are some snapshots of Quondam...more to come!

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