January 19, 2011

Fanciful Fabric...Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler

So if you follow us on Facebook. You may have noticed in the past we shared some of our favorite fabrics from Amy Butler, particularly from her "Love" Collection. Well just in time for Valentines day we are going to share some more of her gorgeous prints that are so bold, bright and happy! They make you feel just like being in love. You know that feeling of PASSION, BLISS and JOY! Well these are in fact the names of Amy's color stories from her new collection called "Soul Blossoms". This collection was inspired by her recent trip to India. Oh and how I love them. It is so Boho Chic. Watch out for these jewels, they may just end up on some of our pieces at our boutique, Quondam this Spring. Maybe a sweet chair, ottoman, apron, or handbag...Hmmm the wheels are turning! Stay tuned or better yet let us know what you would like to see!

Actually this post was inspired by one of our new followers on Twitter, LuxeInteriorDesign. I stopped by to visit her blog and saw this delicious post and wanted to share some of it. Stop by luxeinteriordesign's blog and follow her. She has some great post's. But in the mean time here are some teaser pics from her blog!



  1. Thank you for mentioning!
    I absolutely enjoy Amy's collection and she seems like a nice person - she writes about everyone of her staff with such appreciation...

    Hope you all have a nice Friday evening!


  2. The blog is very good!