May 13, 2010

Summer Blues

Ralh lauren We love Ralph Lauren's new 2010 Spring/Summer collection. The return of the classic boyfriend jean and blazer paired with a sexy shoe. Ralph always does is right and he is the inspiration and cure for the "Summer Blues" Herve Leger of Max Azria created this fabulous tattered denim dress for the 10' summer collection. Love your old blue jeans! Imagine the haberdashery you can create with denim and not to mention upcyclying is friendly to our planet! Check out some of thes great ideas and accessories! Denim Ensemble: Ralph Lauren Dress: Herve Leger Max Azria Settee: Anthropologie Shoe: Barneys New York Handbag: Tory Burch "Delaney" Satchel (Bag, Borrow, Steal) Pillow: Aggie Ray on Etsy Love will save the day art: Field Trip on Etsy a great shop with lovely happy art. Her blog is excellent with lot's of great indie fashion and accessories. Check it out! Sarali Chouhan
Madamoiselle Mermaid on etsy
This denim necklace is from unhamac on etsy. Abby Dennis has a great blog about handmade things, books, gardening, traveling, poetry, beekeeping, biking, learning to live more greenly!


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