February 11, 2010

Valentine's Treat Yourself

Whether we are spending Valentine’s day with that special someone or focusing on treating ourselves better, this hallmark day reminds us of one thing, LOVE. We should be showing love every day, but doesn't it feel good to bask in the love fest that reminds everyone to stop and take time for one another and not to mention #1, ourselves. Here are a few ideas to show love on this Valentine's Day. Treat yourself or your cutie to a hot bath filled with rose petals, candles and soft music. The fragrant bath isn't just good for the senses, but rose petals are a known toner and clarifies the skin. You can pick them up for just $5 a bag at Fort Myers Floral Designs, 11480 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers, FL. Or how about a chocolate that makes your heart melt as it melts in your mouth. Norman Love Confections entices the soul with their exotic flavors and award winning artistry of their fine chocolates and pastries. These gems look just too good to eat! Indulgence is bliss, knowing that some of their assortments of fine cocoa is chocked full of antioxidants. If Chocolate is not for you, then ask someone to Bee Mine with products from Burt's Bees beauty products made from natural, organic ingredients. Their bees wax based lip gloss fortified with soothing herbs make lips kissable and tastes good too! Happy Valentine's Day from the gals at Studio 6XI.

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